An Emergency Alert that appeared on mobile devices across the Hawaiian Islands. A ballistic missile was on its way to Hawaii and people were told to seek immediate shelter, and that the alert was not a drill!


sPeople did the most desperate of things, and it is amazing to think that it just took one alert message to really get us thinking. Perhaps the first thought in your mind was,

"Great!...what do I do now?"

Continue reading below to find out how to prepare yourself and have the right answer next time something legitimate happens.



Make a Plan

If a nuclear attack does happen, you must plan to stay sheltered for at least 48 hours, maybe longer. Having enough food and medical supplies can put your mind at ease.

Get Communications Supplies

Have a radio, either crank or solar powered. Get a simple whistle which could be a signal for help. Your cell phone could be good, but be prepared if service goes down.

Seek Shelter Immediately

In the event of a nuclear detonation you could only have about 10-30 seconds to seek shelter. If you can't find shelter, find a depressed area and lay face down exposing as little skin as possible.

Ration Your Supplies

Processed foods are okay to eat, as long as the container has no punctures. Plants in a "hot zone" are edible and plants with edible roots (carrots and potatoes) are highly recommended. Water from an underground source is your best option.

Cover as Much Skin as Possible

When outside wear hats, gloves, goggles, closed sleeve shirts, etc. to prevent Beta burns. Decontaminate by shaking your clothes constantly and washing with water, any exposed skin to reduce risk of burns.