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Start Growing

Growth Really Matters

Kai Point is a church Ohana where people can be less than perfect. We don't claim to know all the answers, but we know the One Who does have the answers. Having a strong, rooted relationship with Jesus is how the church remains strong and healthy.​

Each member of the church family should strive to be spiritually healthy and active in their growth as a Christian. The church is a place for healing, encouragement, and learning. The Church is a catalyst for people to fulfill the commission of Jesus Christ, to go into all the world and reach people with the truth of eternal life.

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This Discipleship Program is for anyone that wants to grow deeper in their faith. Featuring fourteen lessons that cover key Bible doctrines and personal applications, Continue is perfect for helping you become grounded in God's Word and develop a growing walk with Christ.


Each lesson includes a straightforward outline with thorough support Scriptures and is written so anyone can easily teach. Each week includes daily devotions to encourage you to develop the habit of getting into God's Word daily. ​

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